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And God Created Hummus

And God Created Hummus

David Silverman

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"In preparation for a talk I was to give in my synagogue
on the first section of Genesis--the one in which God
creates the world in 6 days, including Adam and Eve,
and rests on the seventh--I printed out a scholarly essay
entitled, And God Created Humans.

My printer, however, is very old and with every exertion,
wheezes like a coal miner might after 40 years in the mine,
which seems like something I could say about myself, climbing
a staircase or running to catch a bus, though I can't remember
the last time I took a bus. But I'm straying from the point,

which is the ink did not transfer smoothly to the paper
and the resulting smear and shadow obscured some of
the words, such that it appeared the title of the essay
was no longer, And God Created Humans.
Rather, it read, And God Created Hummus."