Broken Metronome

Broken Metronome

Connie Post

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What happens to the rhythms of life when the body fails us? In Broken Metronome Connie Post composes using the erratic and irreducible language of loss. In this elegy to her brother's death by Parkinson's, she engages the medical language she must maneuver as she works through her brother's condition: "Hypokinesia/ slow or diminished movement/ I try to move slowly with you/ like when we practiced for the/ seventh-grade dance." These poems are written in the space between direct care and memory. Post's poems talk to us, confide in us, even confess in us when the most that can be asked is "less suffering." She offers us a contemplative nuanced ear tuned to the lyric turn. This is a powerful portrait of the love of a sister for a brother. A slim chapbook but a significant book in the genre of going on.

-Sean Thomas Dougherty, author of The Dead are Everywhere Telling Us Things